Toosii Quotes About Love

Immerse yourself in the world of emotion and passion with these 25 heartfelt Toosii quotes about love. Let’s explore the profound sentiments of love, heartbreak, and longing as conveyed by this remarkable artist.

“Sometimes you gotta put pride to the side, in order to survive.” – Toosii

“A broken heart is what changed me.” – Toosii

“You hurt me more than I ever knew, but it’s not you no more, I’m used to it.” – Toosii

“All this pain, I’ll never let show. My emotions gone, so I stay high.” – Toosii

“Now my heart cold, I’m forever freezing.” – Toosii

“Time heals pain and promotes self-growth.” – Toosii

“She was my sun, I was her moon. In her darkest hours, I brought light through.” – Toosii

“Love has shown me it’s not friendly.” – Toosii

“Love hard, so I always end up hurt.” – Toosii

“You were my rock, solid, the law I abide by.” – Toosii

“Everybody leaving, I figured out love ain’t meant for me.” – Toosii

“Fell in love with a soul, the body was just a plus.” – Toosii

“I thought love was a joy, it’s a misery.” – Toosii

“She said I drove her away with my emotions.” – Toosii

“Love scars and I got a lot of tattoos.” – Toosii

“Gave you my all, you made me feel small.” – Toosii

“Love is a war, my heart is a battlefield.” – Toosii

“I’d rather have loyalty than love.” – Toosii

“I was your all and you made me fall.” – Toosii

“I gave my heart to you, this is how you repay me?” – Toosii

“How do you get over the pain when everything’s hurting?” – Toosii

“Felt like you took my soul from me.” – Toosii

“All you did was make me feel like I wasn’t enough.” – Toosii

“I’ve been scarred by your love, left my heart bleeding.” – Toosii

“A heart of gold, but it bleed blue.” – Toosii

These Toosii quotes invite us to reflect on our own experiences with love, loss, and growth. Which quote struck a chord with you? Do you have any personal insights or quotes you would like to share? We’d love to hear your thoughts and stories in the comments section below. Your experiences and wisdom could provide comfort and guidance for others navigating the often turbulent waters of love.

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