Punjabi Quotes About Love

Love is a universal emotion, and it holds a special place in Punjabi culture. Whether it’s romantic love, familial love, or the love between friends, the Punjabi community has a rich tradition of expressing these feelings through words. Below are 25 Punjabi quotes about love, each accompanied by a unique Font Awesome icon that captures the essence of the quote. Dive into these heartwarming words and feel the warmth of love.
“Pyaar bina na koi bathera, pyaar naal sab kuchh hai asaadh.” – Unknown
“Meri zindagi da har ik pal tuhi tu.” – Unknown
“Tere bina jeena, sada nahin jeena.” – Unknown
“Tera ishq nachaya, karke thaiya thaiya.” – Bulleh Shah
“Ishq da rog bura, dard bura jariya.” – Unknown
“Tere mere pyaar nu nazar na lage.” – Unknown
“Mainu tu leja kitte door mere haniya.” – Unknown
“Tere bina mera lage na jee tere bina mar jana.” – Unknown
“Main tera ho gaya, mahiya tu mera ho gaya.” – Unknown
“Tere jhoothe laareya se, main saari ratiyaan jaagun.” – Unknown
“Tu mera dil, tu meri jaan, Oh! I love you daddy.” – Unknown
“Tere piche duniyadari chhadi.” – Unknown
“Tere ishq ch main ho gaya fanaa.” – Unknown
“Tere bina jeena lage, Bin tere tarse naina.” – Unknown
“Tere bina zindagi, se koi shikwa, to nahi.” – Unknown
“Ishq tere da nasha ho gaya ni sanu.” – Unknown
“Tere bin nahi lagda dil mera dholna.” – Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
“Tere ishq ne dera mere andar keeta.” – Unknown
“Pyaar ko pyaar hi rehne do, koi naam na do.” – Unknown
“Jado tu saath nahi hunda, zindagi vich ki rakheya.” – Unknown
“Tera pyaar sohneya peepal di jhanjer ho.” – Unknown
“Tere naam ton sadke, main jaava.” – Unknown
“Rab kare tujhko bhi pyaar ho jaye.” – Unknown
“Tere naal naal sajna ve, Mera dil dhadkan tere layi.” – Unknown
“Pyaar ek aisa ehsaas hai jo mitata nahin, Pyaar ek parwat hai jo jhukta nahin.” – Unknown
Love’s complexity and beauty are wonderfully captured in these Punjabi quotes. Whether you’re in love or seeking inspiration, these words can touch your heart and make you feel connected to this universal emotion. Which quote resonated the most with you? Do you have any personal experiences or love quotes in Punjabi that you would like to share? We encourage you to share your thoughts and feelings in the comments below. Your words might be the inspiration or comfort that someone else needs. Remember, love transcends barriers, and your voice can be a bridge to others.

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