Lin Manuel Miranda Quotes Good Morning

Every sunrise brings with it a new opportunity to tell our own unique tale. In the spirit of new beginnings and inspired storytelling, here are some quotes by Lin-Manuel Miranda, the genius behind “Hamilton” and “In The Heights,” that beautifully express the magic of mornings, art, and the journey of life.
“The fun for me in collaboration is, one, working with other people just makes you smarter; that’s proven.” – Lin-Manuel Miranda
“Good morning, good morning! The best to you each morning!” – Lin-Manuel Miranda
“What’s the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable?” – Lin-Manuel Miranda
“Love doesn’t discriminate between the sinners and the saints.” – Lin-Manuel Miranda
“History remembers the artists who sounded the alarm, the artists who explained the moment, the artists who imagined the future.” – Lin-Manuel Miranda
“This is not a moment, it’s the movement.” – Lin-Manuel Miranda
“When you’re living on borrowed time, how can you not make the most of it?” – Lin-Manuel Miranda
“With every broken bone, I swear I lived.” – Lin-Manuel Miranda
“You have no control who lives, who dies, who tells your story.” – Lin-Manuel Miranda
“I’m not gonna miss my shot!” – Lin-Manuel Miranda
“Art is what’s left when you’ve burned away the frivolities.” – Lin-Manuel Miranda
“I’ll keep all my plans close to my chest. I’ll wait here and see which way the wind will blow.” – Lin-Manuel Miranda
“There’s a million things I haven’t done, but just you wait.” – Lin-Manuel Miranda
“Legacy. What is a legacy? It’s planting seeds in a garden you never get to see.” – Lin-Manuel Miranda
“Raise a glass to the moments and memories we’ll never forget.” – Lin-Manuel Miranda
“My only responsibility as a playwright and a storyteller is to give you the time of your life in the theatre.” – Lin-Manuel Miranda
“The choice isn’t always ours to make, but the journey is what shapes us.” – Lin-Manuel Miranda
“There are moments that the words don’t reach. There is suffering too terrible to name.” – Lin-Manuel Miranda
“The human heart is malleable, but it takes time to shape it.” – Lin-Manuel Miranda
“Sometimes the right chords can feel like they open up this portal to the universe.” – Lin-Manuel Miranda
Every day presents a blank canvas, waiting for us to paint our unique stories on it. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s words inspire us to live life with passion, love, and purpose. Which quote speaks to you the most this morning? Feel free to share your thoughts or any quotes that uplift you. After all, sharing wisdom and inspiration can be the perfect way to start someone else’s day. Let your voice be heard and may your mornings always be filled with inspiration!

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