Lawyer Quotes

Lawyers and the practice of law have been the subjects of deep reflection and witty remarks for centuries. The profession, known for its rigorous nature, has its fair share of critics and admirers. These lawyer quotes provide a mixture of humor, reverence, and reflection on the essence of law and its practitioners.
“Justice is the sum of all moral duty.” – William Godwin
“The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” – William Shakespeare
“The power of the lawyer is in the uncertainty of the law.” – Jeremy Bentham
“A lawyer is a gentleman who rescues your estate from your enemies and keeps it for himself.” – Lord Brougham
“In the Halls of Justice, the only justice is in the halls.” – Lenny Bruce
“A jury consists of twelve persons chosen to decide who has the better lawyer.” – Robert Frost
“A lawyer without books would be like a workman without tools.” – Thomas Jefferson
“Lawyers are the only persons in whom ignorance of the law is not punished.” – Jeremy Bentham
“The good lawyer is not the man who has an eye to every side and angle of contingency, and qualifies all his qualifications, but who throws himself on your part so heartily, that he can get you out of a scrape.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson
“In law, nothing is certain but the expense.” – Samuel Butler
“Lawyers spend a great deal of their time shoveling smoke.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.
“I’m trusting in the Lord and a good lawyer.” – Oliver North
“If there were no bad people, there would be no good lawyers.” – Charles Dickens
“Where there is a will, there is a lawsuit.” – Addison Mizner
“A lawyer’s time and advice are his stock in trade.” – Abraham Lincoln
“To me, a lawyer is basically the person that knows the rules of the country. We’re all throwing the dice, playing the game, moving our pieces around the board, but if there’s a problem, the lawyer is the only person who has read the inside of the top of the box.” – Jerry Seinfeld
“You cannot live without the lawyers, and certainly you cannot die without them.” – Joseph H. Choate
“The leading rule for the lawyer, as for the man of every calling, is diligence.” – Abraham Lincoln
“True, we [lawyers] build no bridges. We raise no towers. We construct no engines. We paint no pictures – unless as amateurs for our own amusement. And yet we feel that our profession adds something to the culture and civilization of our time.” – John W. Davis
“If you are absolutely determined to make a lawyer of yourself, the thing is more than half done already.” – Abraham Lincoln
“Bad laws are the worst sort of tyranny.” – Edmund Burke
“A lawyer with his briefcase can steal more than a hundred men with guns.” – Mario Puzo
“The lawyer’s truth is not Truth, but consistency or a consistent expediency.” – Henry David Thoreau
“Justice is blind and her dog just peed in my cornflakes.” – Dan White
“I don’t think you can make a lawyer honest by an act of legislature. You’ve got to work on his conscience. And his lack of conscience is what makes him a lawyer.” – Will Rogers
Legal matters touch every corner of our lives, from the personal to the professional. These quotes remind us of the unique position lawyers hold, at times challenging and at others exalting their roles. Which of these lawyer quotes struck a chord with you? Whether you have a personal story about the legal world or a favorite lawyer-related saying not listed here, we’d love to hear from you in the comments. Your insights enrich our collective understanding and might even bring a smile or moment of reflection to someone else.

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