Heartless Selfish Quotes

Every individual has their unique perspective, influenced by personal experiences, triumphs, and failures. It’s paramount to recognize that everyone’s journey and choices might not always be guided by altruism. Let’s explore some quotes that provide insight into a more self-centered mindset.
“Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live, it is asking others to live as one wishes to live.” – Oscar Wilde
“Almost every sinful action ever committed can be traced back to a selfish motive.” – Charles Stanley
“Selfish people also tend to have victim mindsets… Their actions plant seeds of loneliness; then they cry upon the blooming.” – Steve Maraboli
“Selfishness must always be forgiven you know, because there is no hope of a cure.” – Jane Austen
“The world is not fair, and often fools, cowards, liars and the selfish hide in high places.” – Bryant H. McGill
“Realize that if you have time to whine and complain about something then you have the time to do something about it.” – Anthony J. D’Angelo
“To talk without thinking first is just like to shoot without aiming..” – English Proverb
“A man is called selfish not for pursuing his own good, but for neglecting his neighbor’s.” – Richard Whately
“Shame on such a morality that fails to recognize the eternal essence that exists in every living thing, and shines forth with inscrutable significance from all eyes that see the sun!” – Arthur Schopenhauer
“Selfishness creates greed and greed destroys the soul.” – Zarina Bibi
“The selfish spirit of commerce knows no country, and feels no passion or principle but that of gain.” – Thomas Jefferson
“Being sorry is the highest act of selfishness, seeing value only after discarding it.” – Doug Horton
“Selfish persons are incapable of loving others, but they are not capable of loving themselves either.” – Erich Fromm
“Sympathy constitutes friendship; but in love there is a sort of antipathy, or opposing passion. Each strives to be the other, and both together make up one whole.” – Samuel Taylor Coleridge
“It is the mark of a great man that he puts to flight all ordinary calculations. He is at once sublime and touching, childlike and of the race of giants.” – Victor Hugo
“Selfishness is that detestable vice which no one will forgive in others, and no one is without himself.” – Henry Ward Beecher
“There are many selfish people who are extremely original, then they take those pure ideas and use them to raise themselves up, that is an insincere move.” – Daniel Smith

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