Gravemind Quotes

In the vast universe of Halo, few characters are as enigmatic and philosophically inclined as the Gravemind. While its form might be terrifying, its words often hint at a depth of knowledge and understanding beyond comprehension. Let’s journey through some of the most iconic quotes from Gravemind:
“I have listened… through rock and metal and time.” – Gravemind
“This is not your grave… but you are welcome in it.” – Gravemind
“I am a timeless chorus. Join your voice with mine, and sing victory everlasting.” – Gravemind
“There is much talk, and I have listened, through rock and metal and time. Now I shall talk, and you shall listen.” – Gravemind
“Fate had us meet as foes, but this Ring will make us brothers.” – Gravemind
“Resignation is my virtue; like water I ebb, and flow. Defeat is simply the addition of time to a sentence I never deserved… but you imposed.” – Gravemind
“Child of my enemy, why have you come? I offer no forgiveness. A father’s sins pass to his son.” – Gravemind
“Do I take life or give it? Who is victim, and who is foe?” – Gravemind
“Now the gate has been unlatched, headstones pushed aside; corpses shift and offer room, a fate you must abide!” – Gravemind
“Silence fills the empty grave, now that I have gone. But my mind is not at rest, for questions linger on.” – Gravemind
“We exist together now, two corpses in one grave.” – Gravemind
“This one is machine and nerve, and has its mind concluded.” – Gravemind
“You will be food, nothing more.” – Gravemind
“Do not shoot, but listen! Let me lead you safely to our foe.” – Gravemind
“This one’s containment… and this one’s Great Journey… are the same.” – Gravemind
In the intricate lore of Halo, the Gravemind stands as a testament to the power of words and the profundity of the unknown. Which quote struck a chord within you? Do you have any personal interpretations or other iconic quotes from the series you’d like to share? Dive into the comments below and share your insights. Remember, in the vast universe of Halo, every voice matters.

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