Good Mythical Morning Quotes

For many, waking up with Rhett and Link’s offbeat banter has been the perfect way to start the morning. Their unique take on life and the hilarity they bring has made Good Mythical Morning a beloved show for countless fans. Here are some of their most memorable quotes:
“You know what time it is, mythical beasts. Time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality!” – Rhett and Link
“Embrace the hair, man!” – Rhett
“Anytime you can put the egg before the chicken, you’re doing something right.” – Link
“Let’s talk about that!” – Rhett and Link
“Don’t let your dreams be just dreams. Unless your dreams are stupid.” – Rhett
“There’s nothing more relaxing than eating cereal in your underwear.” – Link
“I have a monthly cologne subscription. Because I like to mix it up.” – Rhett
“Frogs are just wet lizards!” – Link
“Birds don’t have arms. Have you ever thought about that?” – Rhett
“Life is short; eat that cookie dough.” – Link
“I always feel like a cowboy when I eat beans.” – Rhett
“To the moon! But not without snacks.” – Link
“Being a mythical beast is all about believing in yourself. Also, believing in other weird things.” – Rhett
“Science gives me a rocket brain.” – Link
“There’s no such thing as a bad dog. Just bad dog food.” – Rhett
“If unicorns were real, I’d want one as a pet. But only if it could fit in my pocket.” – Link
“A sandwich without mayonnaise is like a life without laughter.” – Rhett
“Make your weird light shine bright, so the other weirdos know where to find you.” – Link
“Sometimes, you’ve got to create your own silver lining.” – Rhett
“Friendship is like a biscuit; it’s better when it’s homemade.” – Link
Every morning with Rhett and Link is a chance to look at the world in a quirky, fresh, and mythical way. They remind us to embrace the oddities of life and find joy in every situation. Which of these quotes brought a smile to your face? Do you have a favorite GMM moment or quote that wasn’t mentioned here? Join the mythical conversation below! Don’t forget, your mythical musings might just brighten someone’s day.

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