Bert Kreischer Happy Birthday Video to Tom Segura

In a humorous yet touching way, Bert Kreischer wished his fellow comedian and best friend, Tom Segura, a Happy 25th (again!) Birthday. Using his own unique brand of comedy, Bert created memorable quotes that not only celebrate their friendship but also the quirks and fun they share. Here’s a peek into some of these hilarious yet heartwarming remarks:
“You might be 25 again on paper, but you’re still 40 in ‘Bert-years’!” – Bert Kreischer
“Remember when we said we’d grow old but not grow up? Well, at least one of those came true for you!” – Bert Kreischer
“You’re the only person I’d share my last beer with… after I’ve taken a few sips.” – Bert Kreischer
“Our handshake might be a mess, but our friendship isn’t!” – Bert Kreischer
“If our comedy was a band, you’d be the drummer. Not because you’re good, but because you’re loud.” – Bert Kreischer
“Ride older, cowboy. And by ‘ride,’ I mean slowly walk. And by ‘cowboy,’ I mean grumpy middle-aged man.” – Bert Kreischer
“You’re the brother I never wanted but am stuck with anyway.” – Bert Kreischer
“You wear those jeans like a 25-year-old… if that 25-year-old was colorblind and loved dad-jeans.” – Bert Kreischer
“If there was a trophy for ‘Best at Annoying Bert,’ you’d have a full cabinet!” – Bert Kreischer
“You’re like coffee to me. I need you to wake up, but too much and I’m annoyed.” – Bert Kreischer
“The years may wrinkle our faces, but they can’t wrinkle our sense of humor… well, except yours. You were always wrinkly funny.” – Bert Kreischer
“Your future’s so bright… you wear shades indoors. Or is it just to hide those wrinkles?” – Bert Kreischer
“Another year, another ‘special’ gift from me to you. It’s in the mail… since 5 years ago.” – Bert Kreischer
“May we have many more adventures together, preferably where you pay!” – Bert Kreischer
“They say time flies when you’re having fun. With you, it just feels like an eternity.” – Bert Kreischer
Bert and Tom’s friendship is the stuff of legends. These quotes not only serve as a testament to their bond but also remind us of the joy in growing older with friends who never let us forget our age. Which of Bert’s hilarious jabs made you laugh the most? If you were wishing your friend a playful happy birthday, what would you say? Share your comical wishes and anecdotes in the comments below. Remember, it’s all in good fun!

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